Episode 73: Tunes For The Trail?

In Episode 73, we discuss the most appropriate hiking & backpacking songs for the trail.  The assignment was to come to the studio with 3 songs that relate to hiking/backpacking – in either the lyrics or song title.  In the show, we listen and debate each song and give honorable mention to some others that didn’t make our list.

This is a very subjective topic with many options and opinions and it is likely to stir up some controversy.  We rarely reach agreement since there are multiple ways to define “appropriate”, and a member of our group even goes rogue with 3 songs that he enjoys while on the trail – which results in a side conversation.

Regardless – this is an entertaining show that will have you scratching your head, laughing out loud, and thinking of your top 3.  Drop us a note when you do … and I’ll post them below!

Subject: Tunes For The Trail?
Interviewees: Gary (Drone Boy), Scott (Cardiac), Steve (Stickman, Tony (1 Beer/1 Song)
Interview Date: January 21, 2020
Runtime: 1:12:24

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  1. James Simmons says:

    Here are my top 3:

    3. “Song in the Breeze” by The Outlaws
    2. “Keep Pushing” REO Speedwagon
    1. “Out in the Country” 3 Dog Night

    Thoughts? Comments?

  2. boot says:

    1. Morning Dew, Grateful Dead, London 5.26.1972

    2. Hard Sun, Eddie Vedder

    3. Take Me Home Country Roads, Toots & The Maytals

  3. DaBoyz says:

    1. Ain’t Life Grand
    2. Surprise Valley
    3. Honey Bee

    BirdShooter, those other guys are punks … Panic Rules !

  4. BirdShooter says:

    Surprise Valley – one of my favorites from Panic…

  5. Thur-Train says:

    Hey @N2Backpacking Ep#73 was fabulous. Great show, a lot of fun. But what, noone chose ‘Wagon Wheel’ OCMS?

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