Boardwalk or Floodwalk? Evening hike on the ‘Hooch at flood stage – and it’s nice to see the sun again.

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The arctic blast that hit the South this week has me thinking about this recent and extremely hot #campfire we had on the #BartramTrail. Think I’ll head upstairs and load up the fireplace!

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Money $hot tells us about his #backpacking adventures on The #Hayduke Trail in the desert Southwest. Episode 61 is here

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Episode 61: The Hayduke

In Episode 61, Alex "Money $hot" Maier returns to the show to talk with us about his recent film and adventure on the 812 mile Hayduke Trail which starts in Arches National Park and finishes in Zion National Park - traversing the slot canyons, desert washes, and mountain ranges that make the deserts lands of Southern Utah and North Arizona some of the most scenic landscapes in North America. In the podcast, Alex tells us about the remote wilderness and true solitude that awaits you on the … [Read more...]

Lot’s of rain forecast for the Southeast the next seven days. Glad we got our annual Klondike hike in last weekend. Cold but sunny and clear last Saturday for our #backpacking trip on the #BartramTrail in North Carolina.

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The Best Packs For Backpacking

We spend a lot of time recommending to each other the best hikes to head out on. When we do it, we give a lot of advice about things to see and do on the walk. We talk about the difficulty of the terrain, and the scenery to look out for on the way. We point out all the landmarks that will help us stay on track, and all the great places to eat or drink when we’re stopping for refreshments. We might even impart a little wisdom on the best gear to take along for the journey; what kind of clothing … [Read more...]

The Bartram Trail in North Carolina

Our winter campsite from the Bartram Trail in North Carolina. Had an incredible sunset this evening. … [Read more...]

One of the hard working staff members that my son met at the Fan Fest before the Super Bowl – a bomb sniffing dog from Homeland Security. Looks just like our lab but thinner…

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Man that took longer to put together than I expected! Here’s a video recap of a recent winter backpacking trip in North Georgia.

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Rocky Mountain, North Georgia – December 22, 2018

 This is a video of a December 22, 2018 backpacking trip to Rocky Mountain in North Georgia.  We hiked in a few inches of snow that came down the prior day, but most of it melted as the temps climbed to the low 40's during our hike.  Yonah Mountain can be seen at sunset in the distance.  My 13 year old son gets photo credit for many of the pics. … [Read more...]