Episode 104B: Backpacker Trivia

In Episode 104B, we are once again deep in the backcountry on the Benton MacKaye Trail where we sit fireside and under the stars for Backpacker Trivia. In the show, I pose questions from Backpacker Magazine, the U.S. Forest Service, and KSLTV in Salt Lake City on some interesting hiking and backpacking questions about the backcountry. In the podcast, we have a lot of fun answering trivia questions at our campsite and we actually witness a trail runner on a 60 mile midnight run as we record … [Read more...]

Episode 103: News Review 2023

In Episode 103, Cardiac and Drone Boy join me for a studio recording of some intriguing hiking and backpacking events that made the news this past year. Some of the topics we discuss include another hiker that found themselves at the bottom of a pit toilet, a loyal dog that survived 72 days on a high peak of Colorado, and a few events that involved Hollywood actors in the backcountry. Finally we close out with trail stats from the Appalachian Trail this past year and we discuss some … [Read more...]

Episode 102: Backcountry Halloween

In Episode 102, we have our FIRST Halloween special and discuss some of the spooky and crazy ass things that have happened in the backcountry over the last two decades. Cardiac and Drone Boy join me in the studio for this podcast and talk through some disturbing and well publicized events - some don't have a happy ending. We even share some scary personal encounters and expect that you have your own. So reach out to us and let us know about your spooky experiences on the trail. In … [Read more...]

Episode 101: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly 2

In Episode 101, we continue our discussion of The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - our best and worst experiences on the Trail.  Recorded live on the Chattooga River in northwestern South Carolina, I sit fireside with 3Dub, Mick, Hollywood, and Therm Rider after hiking to Long Creek Falls and settling in for the night. In the show we discuss some great sunsets, 3Dub's fall into a Cobra hole, our favorite campsites, and Hollywood's discovery of a tick - in the worst possible place! This … [Read more...]

Episode 100: The Darwin Awards

In Episode 100, we are back in the studio to celebrate our 100th episode by recapping some interesting things that have happened in the backcountry since the N2Backpacking podcast first aired 12 years ago. In the show, Cardiac, Drone Boy, and Therm Rider join me for the "Darwin Awards" - a recap of some backcountry mishaps that have happened to us and to other hikers and backpackers over the last decade on the trail. This is another fun episode that includes hikers falling in pit toilets, … [Read more...]

Episode 99: Things That Ruin A Backpacking Trip

In Episode 99, I sit fireside with Therm Rider, Beer Run and Sons on the Benton MacKaye Trail in North Georgia to talk about some things that ruin a backpacking trip. In the podcast, we discuss backpackers that camp on top of you, those that make speaker phone calls, crank booty music or even throw live ammunition into your campfire! We also talk about bad weather, angry insects, and getting sick in the backcountry - which had me dumping out a vomit filled hiking boot. This is a fun episode … [Read more...]

Episode 98: Ultralight!

In Episode 98, Therm Rider, Beer Run, & 3Dub are in the recently renovated studio to discuss Ultralight backpacking. In the show, we discuss WHAT inspired us to start looking at lighter equipment, WHO motivated us - including some gear manufacturers, YouTubers, and fellow podcasters, and WHY some of us are starting to migrate to more Ultralight hiking. This show is pretty fun and lively, and we don't take each other too seriously. Plus there is some good information in the podcast for … [Read more...]

Episode 97: Above The Ashes (P2)

In Episode 97, we continue our conversation with Kevin Conley about his book "Above The Ashes" which is a powerful memoir of his cross-country bike journey with dog Rocky. In part two of this podcast, Kevin talks about his trip, writing his book, fundraising for the Wildland Firefighters Foundation- and the incredible support that he received from family, friends, fellow firefighters, and many, many strangers on his ride. This journey helped Kevin overcome one of the darkest moments of his … [Read more...]

Episode 96: Above The Ashes (P1)

In Episode 96, Kevin Conley is back on the show after a six year hiatus to tells us about his last few years as a wildland firefighter, his subsequent battle with mental illness, and his 3500 mile ride across the country to beat it. This journey helped Kevin overcome one of the darkest moments of his life which he details in his recently published book “Above The Ashes” - a powerful memoir of his journey with dog Rocky. We last spoke with Kevin in 2016 after his thru-hikes on the … [Read more...]


In Episode 95B, we are deep in the backcountry at a campsite on the Benton MacKaye Trail where we sit around the campfire and discuss some"first time" experiences in the wilderness.  Therm Rider, Beer Run, & Sons all share the first time they found themselves offensive, took a crap in the woods, got a car vandalized, and were scared shitless on the Trail - among other things. This episode gets a bit rowdy at times, and has been made a bonus show as a result.  But if you have a … [Read more...]