Our Chattooga River Campsite & Campfire

Our campsite and campfire on the Chattooga River just after sunset. … [Read more...]

Maine – September 2022

In September 2022, we did a backpacking trip to Maine to celebrate Beer Run's 50th birthday. Spent a couple nights in the legendary 100 Mile Wilderness and had a chance to visit Casco Bay and Portland's Fort Williams on the way back to Boston. … [Read more...]

Introducing The Camp Fugarwi Swim Team

It's a hot and windy day at the cabin. Muscle Jim introduces the next generation to the Camp Fugarwi swim team. … [Read more...]

We Gotta Hood Ornament

Headed into the cabin with Buck at the helm. … [Read more...]

Trail Days 2019

Trail Days was first held in the late 80's to celebrate hiker culture and the 50th anniversary of the Appalachian Trail's completion.  The event has grown exponentially since then and now serves as a homecoming for thru-hikers and for those that are passionate about the A.T.  This year I celebrated the 25th anniversary of my 1994 thru-hike with some backpackers that I met on the A.T. and some friends that I hike with frequently in Georgia and North Carolina.  This is a montage … [Read more...]

Cub Scout Outdoor Classroom

Chuck Mong leads a class for our Cub Scout pack at Woodward Scout Ranch. … [Read more...]

Fish Filet

Dr. Robinson shows our Cub Scout pack how to handle a knife and filet a fish. … [Read more...]

The Kelty Run

We've been known to make a few beer runs on backpacking trips, but the weather man tricked us and this turned out to be a Kelty run. Turned out to be a good call - we had rain on/off the rest of the night. … [Read more...]

Rainy Day At Camp Barney

I was fishing at Lake Louis when a thunderstorm rolled through Camp Barney and trapped me at a shelter at the fishing dock. It was actually kinda peaceful and I enjoyed waiting out the storm. … [Read more...]

Jefferson National Forest – Summer 2021

Summer 2021 trip in Virginia's Jefferson National Forest to celebrate Roger's MEGA B-Day. It only took 6 months to get this together, but cheers to my favorite peasant!!! And yes the horses are wild and the ghost cow is real - even tried to run my favorite Brit over while sleeping in his tent. No cow tipping on this hike, but Roger did ask for some creamer for his morning coffee... … [Read more...]