Head Butting Pony

This large pony decided to give me a head butt in the Jefferson National Forest! … [Read more...]

Sunset Dinner

It's dinner time in the Jefferson National Forest and the boyz chow down while the Camel stokes the fire. Great sunset tonight! … [Read more...]

Tight Fit

Perhaps the Camel had a bit too much to eat and drink last night. He and the rest of the group struggle through the boundary between the Grayson Highlands State Park and Jefferson National Forest. … [Read more...]

I.P. Freely

I caught The Kidd filling his cooking pot at dinner time. And it looks a little awkward. … [Read more...]

Alec With A 11.25lb Pike

Alec pulls in a 11.25 lb pike on our first night on the water. We were only on the lake for about 20 minutes!!!! … [Read more...]

The Thief Is The Wolfie!

The Wolfie likes Muscle's shoe and a few other things. And Muscle is not happy about it. … [Read more...]

Friendly Pony

To say the ponies are friendly in the Jefferson National Forest is an understatement. The Kidd looks a bit skiddish!!!! … [Read more...]

Chillin’ In The Shade

It was hot today in the Jefferson National Forest, so we ducked under some trees and escaped the heat, enjoyed some beverages, and ate some sausage and cheese. … [Read more...]

Midnight Cow Invasion

This cow came in to our campsite in the Jefferson National Forest looking for a midnight dog! … [Read more...]

Full Moon Lightening

You don't see a full moon and lightening in the same sky very often - but you do tonight in the Jefferson National Forest … [Read more...]