Welcome to N2Backpacking. You have either clicked to or stumbled on to my personal website that documents hiking and backpacking trips I’ve taken since I first put on a pack in 1978. These pages are a collection of articles, hikes, interviews, photos, podcasts, trail maps, trip reports, and videos that I have accumulated over the years. You’ll notice that there is material from all over the United States (and even Internationally), but that the vast majority of the website focuses on the Southeastern U.S. where I’ve spent most of my life.

BirdShooter & Boone Dawg at Long Branch Shelter - February 2013

My goal in these pages has been to create an on-line album for friends to revisit some of our numerous adventures in the outdoors, but the website is also designed for public access. So feel free to scan N2Backpacking for ideas for your next outdoor adventure. If you run in to a password protected link, click here for more information.

I do a lot of hiking and backpacking – especially in the Southeast U.S. and you can get a monthly update by submitting your email address at the top right of the home page. Or you can click this link to subscribe to my podcast.  I also developed a community site at YourHikes.com and think you’ll find some useful information there. So thanks for visiting and if you have any general feedback you can follow this link to drop me an email.

~ BirdShooter

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