Our #backcountry #campsite on the Conasauga River in the #Cohutta Wilderness last weekend.

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Coronavirus anti-venom. #TheTrailShow

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Feelin’ Hungry?? Aaron Owens Mayhew shares some inexpensive, tasty, and lightweight meals for the Trail. The “Backcountry Eats” podcast is here… https://ift.tt/3dJpcVM

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Episode 76: Backcountry Eats

In Episode 76, Aaron Owens Mayhew joins the podcast.  She is a registered dietary nutritionist, long distance hiker, and entrepreneur that offers some tips on eating healthy and feasting like a King or Queen as you explore the backcountry. In the show, Aaron provides some tips on meal planning and offers some suggestions for inexpensive, tasty, and lightweight meals. She also tells us some common misconceptions and mistakes that backpackers make on the Trail. Aaron has spent the last two … [Read more...]

Going through my pics from last weekend. Had this rash around the campfire. What the ????

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#DonCarterStatePark is Georgia’s newest. Very impressed with this place. Stayed at one of their walk-in campsites last evening and hit the beach.

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Warm sleeping bag + comfy sleeping pad = happy dog

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Tough Times & Sassafras Mountain – a photo journal of our March trip to the #AppalachainTrail in North Georgia. https://ift.tt/2z6uFH4

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BirdShooter in front on Harrison’s Pierce Pond Camps – Sept 2019. In Episode 75, Tim Harrison tells us his experience with #hikers over the years, shares some happy and sad moments at Pierce Pond, and offers some suggestions for those #backpacking the #AppalachianTrail in Maine. Get it here .. https://ift.tt/2ydOE6l

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Episode 75: Harrison’s Pierce Pond Camps

Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps

In Episode 75, Tim Harrison snowmobiles to the top of Bates Ridge in northern Maine to catch up after our visit to Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps last fall.  The camp is 1/10th of a mile off the Appalachian Trail and is coveted by thru-hikers for the hearty 7am breakfast - served to backpackers in the scenic backdrop off Pierce Pond Lean-To and 16 miles from the nearest township. In the show, Tim tells us about running the camp since 1986, his experience with hikers over the years, shares … [Read more...]