Look what is roaming around our camp in Northern Ontario this year…

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Great thing about 97 degree weather and 88% humidity in Atlanta this summer? You can go to #REI and score a sweet deal on winter clothing! Just picked up this $48 puffy – more then 50% off…

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Every dreamed of spending 150+ nights/year in the wilderness? Johnny Molloy has made a 30+ year career of it. Find out how. Episode 65 is here … https://ift.tt/2JWiBLz

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They finally caught the bear that ravaged Therm Rider’s tent at Woods Hole Shelter!

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Rocky Mountain skyline from a recent trip to Colorado.

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In Episode 64, we discuss #Appalachian #TrailDays2019 and BirdShooter’s top takeaways from the event. Get the podcast here … https://ift.tt/2XEpSYj

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Episode 65: Never Work A Day

In Episode 65, I speak with an inspiring person who loves the outdoors and found a a way to follow his passion - hiking, camping, and backpacking as a FULL time career over the course of 30+ years. If you are from the South, you likely know the name Johhny Molloy. He is an accomplished outdoor writer and columnist with over 70 camping, fishing, hiking, and padding guidebooks to his credit - covering 26 States in the U.S. with many in the heart of Dixie. We recently met at Trail Days … [Read more...]

Great thing about working for a Colorado company … getting Friday off for “Get Outside Day”! Our campsite on the #ChattoogaRiver this weekend. Bonus – we had fall temps in the middle of June!

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Just recorded an #N2Backpacking podcast on #TrailDays2019 with Gary (aka Drone Boy). Rainy day in Atlanta – perfect for reflecting on the annual #AppalachianTrail event in Damascus, VA.

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The #N2Backpacking podcast now available on #iHeart Radio

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