Wiped Out Out At High Shoal Falls

I was wiped out after a very hot and humid ~500 ft hike out from High Shoal Falls. We might have slightly overloaded the backpacks on this trip! … [Read more...]

This guy doesn’t look quite ready for bed! From our backpacking trip this past weekend to High Shoal Falls https://ift.tt/3hw8gGW

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The waterfall at Blue Hole Falls. If you can believe it, some people use the rope swing at the top of this photo to plunge into the falls. https://ift.tt/3wzhEOz

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Rain didn’t stop this guy from exploring High Shoal Falls this weekend https://ift.tt/3xCstAs

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To say it was hot on our backpacking trip this weekend is an understatement. Resting in the back of the pick-up after a humid climb out from High Shoal Falls https://ift.tt/3wy65a8

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Episode 89: Stuffsack

In Episode 89, we flashback to 1995 for an interview with StuffSack about his thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail the previous year. StuffSack and I stayed in contact after our summer together and were able to connect for this interview when he visited Charlotte, N.C. about four months after we completed our thru-hike. In the interview, StuffSack talks about his first week on the Appalachian Trail, good and bad days, hitchhiking, and his most favorite State on the Trail. This interview is 1 … [Read more...]

Lucy looking relaxed on a recent trip to the Chattoga River https://ift.tt/3xZYt1c

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Hoping for the best for this guy. Shadow spent yesterday undergoing emergency surgery of his intestine. #besthikeswithdogs https://ift.tt/3x1rfyA

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And the summer solstice comes to an end! https://ift.tt/3qhyL5Z

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Ghost of a dog #BestHikesWithDogs https://ift.tt/3q230gV

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