Soggy morning on Wildcat Mountain today … [Read more...]

A recent hike in the Dominican Republic at  Coconut Cove on the northern side of the island. Had my son along for this one. … [Read more...]

A day hike in Haiti last week if you can believe it! … [Read more...]

Hiking around Fort Pulaski National Monument near Savannah this weekend. … [Read more...]

Some scary ass stuff that’s happened in the backcountry in the last 20 years. The Halloween special is here! EPISODE 102: BACKCOUNTRY HALLOWEEN | N2Backpacking … [Read more...]

Recorded earlier today – Episode 102 our Halloween special. Some scary ass stuff that has happened in the backcountry in the last two decades. Will have it live in time for Halloween. … [Read more...]

7 mile evening hike at Cane Creek Park during a business trip to N.C. This week. Haven’t been here since a 1991 camping trip with WFU friends. Major upgrades to the park since then. … [Read more...]

Google is giving a shout out to the #AppalachianTrail on their search bar today. The America National Trails System Act established the A.T. as one of the U.S’s first national scenic trails on this day in 1968. … [Read more...]

Just got these Altra Lone Peaks and had a chance to test them on hikes these last few weekends. Thanks to those that weighed in on this ultralight shoe purchase. Very pleased so far with their performance on the trail. … [Read more...]

#Hiking along the beach at Chase Palm Park in Santa Barbara this week. Enjoyed the side trip down Stearn’s Wharf. … [Read more...]