Final Backcountry Shelter Renovated In The Smokies

I just read an article in The Washington Post that the final shelter in the Smokies was renovated at Laurel Gap Shelter which is the last of 15 shelters to be modified: The work involved improved natural lighting, a cooking area to separate food odors from sleeping space; better bunk access; new roofs; masonry repair; and drainage upgrades. Having hiked and stayed in shelters frequently in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park - I applaud the volunteers of the Friends of the Smokies, the … [Read more...]

The Best Hikes In The Southeastern U.S.

Backpacker Magazine just announced their Reader's Choice picks for the best hikes  of 2011.  Since I am most familiar with the Southeastern U.S. - I'll focus on the top picks in this area: 1. Ramsey Cascades, Great Smokies, TN - I've hiked countless miles in the Smokies and did a 30+ mile trip starting at Elkmont and ending at Laurel Creek Road, but the Ramesey Cascades have somehow escaped me.  Guess it's time to check this one out.  You can follow this link for maps of the Great Smoky … [Read more...]