Head Butting Pony

This large pony decided to give me a head butt in the Jefferson National Forest! … [Read more...]

The Jolly Roger

Birdshooter-Country Club-The Camel

Two of my backpacking friends had milestone birthdays in 2021, and we had grand plans to celebrate on distant mountains in the western U.S.  But after numerous attempts to synchronize schedules, we settled on a road trip to The Camel's mountain house near Hays, N.C. to celebrate his 60th.  Here we are pulling into his driveway after a long drive from Atlanta. The Camel had neighbors over when we arrived.  So we had a few beverages with them and enjoyed the sunset from the back … [Read more...]

Beaverstone Bay Timber Wolf

Beaverstone Bay Timberwolf

We were cooking steaks and look who came to join us for dinner this evening!!! … [Read more...]

2019 Trail Days Parade – Class of 1994

Walking in the 2019 Trail Days hiker parade with the Class of 1994 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our thru-hike. … [Read more...]

On the trail last weekend with dog Ridge at Lookoff Mountain #besthikeswithdogs https://ift.tt/37HVEr9

via Tumblr https://ift.tt/3uwk1ls … [Read more...]

Sunset from Lookoff Mountain last Saturday night. Temps in the 20’s overnight, but lot’s of sunshine in Georgia last weekend. https://ift.tt/3dAv4E2

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First steps headed northbound on the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain https://ift.tt/37fGHw7

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Cascade Trail Blue-Blaze Footnote (Andover, ME)

The blue-blaze was the Cascade Trail. The journal entry on Sept 22nd says that we cut off two miles – which matches up exactly the 2004 Maine A.T. Map #7. Also see n2/backpackingfiles/longdistancetrails/appalachiantrailonly/at1994thruhike/andovermaineblueblaze folder which has a great map of this area from Maine Trail Finder (https://www.mainetrailfinder.com/trails/trail/dunn-falls-trail). The Cascade Trail descends 0.9 miles to the A.T. – and the 1994 Maine Guidebook page 142 has details … [Read more...]

Interesting article at Wired about a mysterious long-distance…

Interesting article at Wired about a mysterious long-distance #hiker found dead in his tent in 2017 whose identity is still unknown. https://ift.tt/3868YGI https://ift.tt/2I6cxl2 from Tumblr https://ift.tt/32avXfM via IFTTT … [Read more...]

Working on a podcast to release before Thanksgiving. Any ideas…

Working on a podcast to release before Thanksgiving. Any ideas for freeze-dried/instant #backpacking foods to taste test during the show? Already have chicken/dumplings, instant potatoes, green beans, and dehydrated dessert. Can’t seem to find powdered beer .. https://ift.tt/35WHoc3 from Tumblr https://ift.tt/369Cskz via IFTTT … [Read more...]