Record Largemouth

Matt Cobb sets the camp record with a 6+ lb largemouth bass caught near the Russian Villiage. … [Read more...]

Round Bald From The Air

Gary used his DJI Mavic software to compile some of this drone footage from Round Bald on the NC/TN border. … [Read more...]

Urban Hiking in Greenville SC

Had a chance to do some urban hiking in Greenville SC this past weekend. Great place to spend the afternoon if you haven't been. … [Read more...]


Have been following Sprinkles hike of the #MountainsToSea Trail and saw their view of #sauratown. One of my favorite places from years past. A sunset from the mountain with #pilotmountain in the distance... … [Read more...]

Ode To Mahan

Roger has learned from the master and keeps it simple - the Mahan way. And he has some to share! … [Read more...]

Stumbled on to this backcountry shack while tromping around in the woods in NC today. Think I can get a deal on some shine?

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Misty mountain hop tonight in North Carolina

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Hiking the Amadahy Trail with Roger aka The Camel 

Taking a New Years Eve hike with Roger (aka The Camel) on the Amadahy Trail.  You might remember this Englishman from Episode 24, Rookie Mistakes.   … [Read more...]

On a day hike to Cathedral Lake near #Aspen #Colorado with some friends from work.

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San Onofre State Park, Beach Trail #4 Photos – September 25, 2013 |

More pics from a recent hike at San Onofre State Park in Southern California.. via … [Read more...]