Episode 99: Things That Ruin A Backpacking Trip

In Episode 99, I sit fireside with Therm Rider, Beer Run and Sons on the Benton MacKaye Trail in North Georgia to talk about some things that ruin a backpacking trip. In the podcast, we discuss backpackers that camp on top of you, those that make speaker phone calls, crank booty music or even throw live ammunition into your campfire! We also talk about bad weather, angry insects, and getting sick in the backcountry – which had me dumping out a vomit filled hiking boot.

This is a fun episode and we only touch on a handful of topics tonight. So if you have some experiences of your own and would like to share them, please reach out to us via the N2Backpacking website or on our social media pages because we’ll likely expand on this topic in a future podcast.

Subject: Things That Ruin A Backpacking Trip
Interviewees: Beer Run & Sons, Therm Rider
Interview Date: April 15, 2023
Runtime: 45:26

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