Jefferson National Forest – Summer 2021

Summer 2021 trip in Virginia's Jefferson National Forest to celebrate Roger's MEGA B-Day. It only took 6 months to get this together, but cheers to my favorite peasant!!! And yes the horses are wild and the ghost cow is real - even tried to run my favorite Brit over while sleeping in his tent. No cow tipping on this hike, but Roger did ask for some creamer for his morning coffee... … [Read more...]

Protected: Drone Video From Mountain Retreat Porch

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

Looking Down On Schoolhouse Falls

Gary (aka Drone Boy) gets some amazing video from his drone after 1 1/2 feet of snow blanket Panthertown Valley and we make first tracks to Schoolhouse Falls in January 2022. … [Read more...]

See You In The Emergency Room

Found a rope swing on the Chattooga River. Maybe the one-handed strategy is the wrong one ... … [Read more...]

Release The Hounds

Found a rope swing on the Chattooga River - and no we didn't hear banjos in the distance. The Weasel takes a big swing and the hounds are released. … [Read more...]

Frosty Weasel Mountain

It's been super cold this week in late September as the winds shift to the North. We have lots of wind and rain in Dupuis Bay and spend four days working on a leaky roof. But we get cabin fever and the Weasel and I attempt a booty call to the Mrs. Yet winds from the North make a landing and climb to Muscle Mountain impossible from Daddy-O dock. So we land on a small beach south of Sunset Island and hike to newly christened "Frosty Weasel Mountain" - a new and worthy site for a booty call … [Read more...]

Rainbows And Sunsets

It's cold, it's late, and it's raining - and we have a rainbow! The Weasel and I take an evening boat ride to try our luck fishing and we are getting shut down. But we have a great sunset and I am distracted enough that I tangle up his line. At least we got out after a cold, wet, windy, and rainy day at Camp Fugarwi. … [Read more...]

Jumpin’ The Gun On Dinner!!!

The fishing was good today, and the fish fry in on! Frying up in the backyard - and jumping the gun on dinner. At least they are quick to share. Now it's my turn... … [Read more...]

The Pike Are Hammering!!!

Two on - and the pike keep hammering!!! Roger (aka the Britt) has been killing it with the Five of Diamonds today. Sounds like a card game but the FOD is a fish magnet on these waters in Ontario in September. … [Read more...]

Bad Moon Rising

After a Covid delay, we finally make it back to the cabin when the border is opened in September 2021. Great fishing as we toast our first night on the water - but there is a bad moon is rising!!! From this day forward, we get heavy wind and rain most of the week. Yet still good to be back... … [Read more...]