Mountain Medicine

Dr. Jerry Burke performs some mountain medicine on Steve Cobb after a Dardevele hook gets buried in his ear lobe. Not for the squeemish … … [Read more...]

Sunset Island

Sunset Island at dusk. Did some fishing and watched this sailboat search for a place to anchor for the night. … [Read more...]

The Bartram Trail in North Carolina

Our winter campsite from the Bartram Trail in North Carolina. Had an incredible sunset this evening. … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain, North Georgia – December 22, 2018

 This is a video of a December 22, 2018 backpacking trip to Rocky Mountain in North Georgia.  We hiked in a few inches of snow that came down the prior day, but most of it melted as the temps climbed to the low 40's during our hike.  Yonah Mountain can be seen at sunset in the distance.  My 13 year old son gets photo credit for many of the pics. … [Read more...]

Relaxing At The Campsite

The firewood has been collected, the tents have been pitched, and we are enjoying some snacks and beverages at our campsite on Rocky Mountain … [Read more...]

Protected: Bringing the big dog!!!

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

More Uphhill Awaits…

 Hiking the Appalachian Trail southbound from Unicoi Gap. It's a long climb ~1100 feet in the first 1.5 miles.  … [Read more...]

Camp Fugarwi Drone Footage – September 2016

Camp Fugarwi drone footage September 2016 - to Dupuis Bay, Burnt Island, and Beaverstone Bay. … [Read more...]

Nothin’ Better Than Beef Jerky

There's nothing better than some beef jerky and cheese after a long climb. Video from the Colorado Trail in Pike National Forest near the South Platte River. … [Read more...]

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