Episode 76: Backcountry Eats

In Episode 76, Aaron Owens Mayhew joins the podcast.  She is a registered dietary nutritionist, long distance hiker, and entrepreneur that offers some tips on eating healthy and feasting like a King or Queen as you explore the backcountry. In the show, Aaron provides some tips on meal planning and offers some suggestions for inexpensive, tasty, and lightweight meals. She also tells us some common misconceptions and mistakes that backpackers make on the Trail. Aaron has spent the last two … [Read more...]

Nothin’ Better Than Beef Jerky

There's nothing better than some beef jerky and cheese after a long climb. Video from the Colorado Trail in Pike National Forest near the South Platte River. … [Read more...]

Backcountry Kitchen

When Therm Rider cooks in the backcountry, he does not play around. … [Read more...]

Backcountry Concierge

 … [Read more...]

Therm Rider serves up a mean #backcountry burrito

Therm Rider serves up a mean #backcountry burrito … [Read more...]

When it's too hot for a campfire….

When it's too hot for a campfire… The campfire cake! The family made it for Father's Day. … [Read more...]