Backcountry Thanksgiving Menu

In Episode 82 of our “Backcountry Thanksgiving” podcast we discuss the following meals that I pulled from my food storage pantry in about 10 minutes.  I’m sure you can assemble some solid alternatives – but here’s a Thanksgiving Day meal plan if you are looking for one to take into the wilderness.

Menu 1

Drinks:  Hot Cider (0.5 oz /each, 1 oz two packets)

Appetizer: Salad Kit (7.7 oz, 1 1/2 cups w/ croutons, bacon bits, dressing)

Dinner:  Mountain House Chicken Dumplings (4.5 oz), Instant Potatoes (4 oz), Dried Green Beans – No Cook (1 oz)

Dessert:  Key Lime Pie (4 oz)


Menu 2

Drinks:  Hot Chocolate (1 oz/each, 2 oz two packets)

Appetizer:  Turkey Sticks (0.5 oz/each, 1 oz two sticks), Cheese Slice (0.5 oz)

Dinner:  Mountain House Bisquits & Gravy (4.4 oz), Stove Top (6 oz), Mountain House Green Beans (0.4 oz)

Dessert:  Hostess Coffee Cake (2.9 oz, two cakes) 



Hot Drinks:  Coffee, Tea, Hot Wine

Appetizers: Liptop Noodle Soup (0.5 oz), 8 Wheat Thins for (0.5 oz) w/ Cheese Slice (0.5 oz)

Main Course:  Turkey Smoked Sausage w/ cut vegetables (13 oz per packet, but 7 oz would feed two)

Desserts:  Mountain House Ice Cream Sandwich (1.1 oz),  Chips Ahoy (1 oz, 12 mini cookies)

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