Episode 69: A Dozen Ways To Die

In Episode 69, Cardiac and Drone Boy are back after a nearly two year hiatus to discuss a "Dozen Ways To Die In the Backcountry" - an article that first appeared in Backpacker Magazine in 2008 and was recently published online. The topic tonight is timely since we record Halloween eve and take a "stab" at the Top 12 reasons hikers and backpackers get killed in the wilderness.  We also discuss what was left off the list (and merits inclusion) plus offer up some lessons to assure you are not … [Read more...]

Kaylee tells us about #backpacking across Jotunheimen National Park and the famed Bessengen Ridge in #Norway https://ift.tt/31QALEg

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New England 2019

Here's the recap of a recent trip to New England. A few backpacking friends and I hit the trail this fall to retrace some steps I took on the the Appalachian Trail 25 years ago to the day. This is one of my favorite sections from Maine, and there's some great shots from Mount Washington to boot... … [Read more...]

What it’s like being a teenage #thruhiker on the #AppalachianTrail. Episode 68 is here https://ift.tt/35PsBz6

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On 10/7 at 11:30am – this is where I stood 25 years ago today.

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Katahdin Stream Campground 5 miles from the northern terminus of the #AppalachainTrail at #Katahdin – 25 years ago today…

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Road to Maine …

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When one backpack is not enough ….

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Spent the last four days in New England with 60’s H and 30’s L. Now back to the blazing 90’s heat of Hotlanta. Missing Maine and New Hampshire already …

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Episode 68: Teenage Thru-Hiker

In Episode 68, "IronWill" Callahan joins the show to tell us what it's like being a teenage thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail.  In February of this year, Will left Springer Mountain at the age of 17 and hiked northbound to Woods Hole in Virginia where he discovered he had a fractured tibia.  After taking a break to heal, he returned to the trail to finish his hike - completing the Vermont to Virginia section southbound. In the podcast, Will talks about what it's like being one of … [Read more...]