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The kids found these smoke cans on the #BentonMacKayeTrail in a field where Army Rangers do frequent training. It was an hour long treasure hunt.

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The kids found lot’s of interesting stuff during a recent #backpacking trip on the #BentonMacKayeTrail. Army Rangers train on the section we hiked.

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Hiking to the summit of Lookoff Mountain in Black Rock Mountain State Park.

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On the trail last weekend with dog Ridge at Lookoff Mountain #besthikeswithdogs

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Sunset from Lookoff Mountain last Saturday night. Temps in the 20’s overnight, but lot’s of sunshine in Georgia last weekend.

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Campfire Patching Discussion

In this short video, Pratt questions when his dogged will get "patched in" on our annual Klondike hike as we sit by the campfire. 3W and Pokey Bo received the coveted Polar Bear patch earlier in the evening and are the latest Klondike hike members as of February 2021. … [Read more...]

Night Hikers

Beer Run and Pokey Bo roll in to camp an hour after sunset having just completed a 1000' and 1.6 mile climb up the mountain on our annual Klondike hike. … [Read more...]

Episode 85: The Arizona Trail

In Episode 85, "The Man Who Hiked It All" is back on the podcast to tell us about one of his favorite long distance trails - The AZT.  The Arizona Trail is a nearly 800 mile path that runs from Mexico to Utah and Bart Smith thru-hiked it all in 2009 - the year that it was first designated as a National Scenic Trail.  In the show, Bart tells us about his walk through the lowlands of the Sonoran Desert, his climbs to the sky islands of the San Francisco Peaks, and his traverse of the … [Read more...]

First steps headed northbound on the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain

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“The Man Who Hiked It All” is back on the podcast to tell us about one of his favorite long distance trails – the #ArizonaTrail. Just in time for your spring getaway!

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