Look what we found on a recent #backpacking trip on the #BentonMacKayeTrail. Per Bill Murray in “Stripes” … “Army training sir!

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Shadow says it’s time for a drink #besthikeswithdogs

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In Episode 72, we talk #hiking apps and planning tools with Victoria Livschitz from #RightOnTrek. The latest #N2Backpacking podcast is here …

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Episode 72: Right On Trek

In Episode 72, Victoria Livschitz tells us about "Right On Trek" a website to help hikers and backpackers plan their multi-day backpacking trips.  Victoria did her first thru-hike on the John Muir Trail only a few years ago but has since embraced the sport and logged recent ventures into Patagonia and the Grand Canyon.   She joins the show this evening to tell us about her introduction to backpacking, how it changed her life, and why the serial entrepreneur was motivated to … [Read more...]

Here’s our crew just outside the studio after recording the soon to be released #N2Backpacking #podcast Episode 73 last night – Most Appropriate #Hiking & #Backpacking Songs. Guaranteed to crack you up!

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Best Hiking Places In The United States

Hiking is often considered to be a source of healthy exercise, both for the mind and the body. As we hike through the rough terrains, the uphill trails and the obstacles of mother nature, we exert physical exercise on our body, but at the same time, it's also about wandering the beauty of this earth and uncovering this beauty in various places where one might not expect to find it. Discovering the earth is the base human desire, it is simply something we're all born with. While spending some … [Read more...]

Backpacking on the Benton MAcKaye Trail. MLK weekend 2020

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Guess it was a good idea to cancel our #backpacking trip this weekend.

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Stairway to Heaven

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Walking To The Sun

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