Warm sleeping bag + comfy sleeping pad = happy dog

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Tough Times & Sassafras Mountain – a photo journal of our March trip to the #AppalachainTrail in North Georgia. https://ift.tt/2z6uFH4

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Tough Times & Sassafras Mountain

Russell Bridge Trailhead 9-15-01

There was a period nearly 20 years ago when times were tough.  Airlines stopped flying, people stopped working, and the media spouted doom and gloom on cable TV for 24 hours a day.  It was 9/11/01, and my first impulse was to get to the wilderness.  So when the weekend came, that is exactly what we did.  Here we are at the Chattooga River trailhead in 2001. Tough times are here again – albeit in a very different scenario.  Stay at home orders are in place, schools are … [Read more...]

BirdShooter in front on Harrison’s Pierce Pond Camps – Sept 2019. In Episode 75, Tim Harrison tells us his experience with #hikers over the years, shares some happy and sad moments at Pierce Pond, and offers some suggestions for those #backpacking the #AppalachianTrail in Maine. Get it here .. https://ift.tt/2ydOE6l

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Episode 75: Harrison’s Pierce Pond Camps

Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps

In Episode 75, Tim Harrison snowmobiles to the top of Bates Ridge in northern Maine to catch up after our visit to Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps last fall.  The camp is 1/10th of a mile off the Appalachian Trail and is coveted by thru-hikers for the hearty 7am breakfast - served to backpackers in the scenic backdrop off Pierce Pond Lean-To and 16 miles from the nearest township. In the show, Tim tells us about running the camp since 1986, his experience with hikers over the years, shares … [Read more...]

The “Pandemic Podcast” is live! Recorded via Zoom (per social distancing guidelines), we discuss the impact to #hiking in city, state, and national parks in our area, some worthy Netflix shows, and our #backpacking plans for the post-pandemic era. Episode 74 is here … https://ift.tt/3dQkrdU

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Episode 74: The Pandemic Podcast

In Episode 74, we record at a historic time.  Coronavirus has caused a worldwide pandemic.  The governor of Georgia just cancelled school for the year and ordered a "shelter in place" mandate across the State.  So tonight we skip the studio interview, record with a combo of Skype, Join Me, and Zoom, and embrace the social distancing guidelines of the CDC.   In the show, we discuss our time on the Trail this month, talk about how hiking has changed over the last two … [Read more...]

Maybe a little rain, but no Coronavirus here. Just swirling clouds and views to the #AppalachianTrail

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View From Three Sisters

I hiked and climbed to the middle peak of the Three Sisters recently where there are outstanding views in all directions. Here's a video ... … [Read more...]

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