I.P. Freely

I caught The Kidd filling his cooking pot at dinner time. And it looks a little awkward. … [Read more...]

Here’s the smaller of the two cows that decided to ambush our campsite at midnight https://ift.tt/3C7Fl3t

via Tumblr https://ift.tt/3EaBFjv … [Read more...]

The Jolly Roger

Two of my backpacking friends had milestone birthdays in 2021, and we had grand plans to celebrate on distant mountains in the western U.S.  But after numerous attempts to synchronize schedules, we settled on a road trip to The Camel's mountain house near Hays, N.C. to celebrate his 60th.  Here we are pulling into his driveway after a long drive from Atlanta. The Camel had neighbors over when we arrived.  So we had a few beverages with them and enjoyed the sunset from the back … [Read more...]

A Busy Filet Table

Steve Cobb on the filet table with three monster 10-12 lb Pike and a nice Walleye in the queue for dinner. … [Read more...]

Sitting Fireside

Sitting fireside on the beach at the cabin at dusk after a full day of fishing. … [Read more...]

Muscle Sorta Likes Rush

In case you didn't know - Muscle sorta likes the band Rush. Be prepared to hear a lot of their tunes at the cabin. Here's his best impression of Neil Peart as we clean up the kitchen. … [Read more...]

Alec With A 11.25lb Pike

Alec pulls in a 11.25 lb pike on our first night on the water. We were only on the lake for about 20 minutes!!!! … [Read more...]

The Thief Is The Wolfie!

The Wolfie likes Muscle's shoe and a few other things. And Muscle is not happy about it. … [Read more...]

Friendly Pony

To say the ponies are friendly in the Jefferson National Forest is an understatement. The Kidd looks a bit skiddish!!!! … [Read more...]

Chillin’ In The Shade

It was hot today in the Jefferson National Forest, so we ducked under some trees and escaped the heat, enjoyed some beverages, and ate some sausage and cheese. … [Read more...]