Episode 89: Stuffsack

In Episode 89, we flashback to 1995 for an interview with StuffSack about his thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail the previous year. StuffSack and I stayed in contact after our summer together and were able to connect for this interview when he visited Charlotte, N.C. about four months after we completed our thru-hike. In the interview, StuffSack talks about his first week on the Appalachian Trail, good and bad days, hitchhiking, and his most favorite State on the Trail.

This interview is 1 of 11 that I did with the thru-hiking class of 1994 less than a year after we finished our hikes – and you will not hear me speak in this episode. Stuffsack will speak solo – and I hope to have him back on the show this year to see what he’s been up to since. I’m also working to get these 11 episodes sprinkled in with our regular podcasts as either bonus or regular shows – pending permission from the interviewees. In the meantime, you can click back to Episode 41 for a snapshot of these 11 discussions which were consolidated into a single podcast. Or you can click below for Episode 89 and hear Stuffsack’s interview from February 19, 1995. So glad that I have these interviews so many years later …

Subject: StuffSack
Interviewees: Keith (StuffSack)
Interview Date: February 19, 1995
Runtime: 23:12

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