Episode 41: Trail Days 1995

In Episode 41, we revisit Trail Days in Damascus, Virginia on March 13, 1995.  The town has hosted the biggest event on the Appalachian Trail for over 30 years and most of these interviews were recorded live at the annual festival.  If you have ever wondered what it was like to thru-hike the A.T. in the early 90’s – now is your chance.  The podcast is a remix of interviews that I did with ten hikers that were on the Trail in 1994.

Yes there were far fewer backpackers on the Appalachian Trail back then, and yes we hiked without mobile phones, GPS, and a lot of the Internet knowledge that is available today.  But I think you’ll find that the basic spirit and experience of the Trail remains the same.

So listen in as we talk about the A.T. – the hostels, hitch-hiking, the trail towns, wildlife, and that final climb up Katahdin.  You will also hear our crew tell us what it takes to finish a thru-hike, what they miss most about long distance hiking, and how the A.T. changed their life for the better.

Subject: Trail Days 1995
Interviewee:  Black Sunshine, Boyz In The Wood, Laughing Bird, Motor City Ramblers, Sleeper, Squirrel, Stuffsack, Tired Dogs, Walking Stick, Wicked Ale
Interview Date: March 13, 1995
Runtime: 1:05:22

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  1. ThruTrain says:

    Hey BirdShooter @N2Backpacking Ep#41 was great, well done. The ’95 interviews were timeless. The same people are out on the AT right now.

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