In Episode 33, Alex Staniforth talks about his recently published book Icefall which details how he survived two of the deadliest seasons of record on Mt. Everest during the 2014 and 2015 climbing seasons.  Alex was picked on in his youth, but talks openly about how he channeled his energy in to outdoor activities – which eventually led him to raise funds and climb the tallest mountain in the world.

In my first international interview, we discuss backpacking in Nepal, hiking to base camp, life on the mountain, and how he managed to survive the avalanches and rock slides that took many lives over the last two climbing seasons.  We also talk about his plans for the future – including where a 20 year old goes from here and how Mt. Everest still fits in to his future.

Subject: Surviving Everest
Interviewees: Alex Staniforth
Interview Date: April 28, 2016
Runtime: 59:48

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