Protected: Cocktail Hour At Wolf Top Laurel

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Rattlesnakes In Them Thar Hills

We were hiking the Appalachian Trail just north of Neels Gap and ran in to this Timber Rattlesnake crossing the path during a hike to Wolf Laurel Top.  Fortunately, Ken was leading us because both Brett and I were listening to our iPods to motivate us up an 800' incline. Let that be a lesson ... if you plan to rock out during your hike, then take position in the back of the pack! Follow this link for a photo of the rattlesnake!  … [Read more...]

The Frank Costanza Effect

Brett show's off his Frank Costanza look while Boone Dawg chomps at gnats. Yeah ... it's sunset on Wolf Laurel Top and time to relax after a six mile hike. … [Read more...]

Episode 6: 90’s Backpacking

In Episode 6, Kirk (aka SoulGlo) and John (aka Hawkeye) talk about their introduction to backpacking in the early 1990's. In the show, we discuss trips to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and hikes from Newfound Gap to Ice Water Springs Shelter, Charlie's Bunion, Peck's Corner Shelter, Mt. LeConte, and Kephart Shelter. Kirk's fear of bears is quickly diverted to fear off the aggressive Smoky Mountain shelter mouse and he offers some strategies for … [Read more...]

Episode 2: The Foothills Trail (Gorges Section)

In Episode 2, John (aka The Kidd) talks about the Gorges Section of the Foothills Trail in western North Carolina and northwestern South Carolina.  In this phone interview, The Kidd talks about our  2001  Foothills Trail hike (and the 10th anniversary of the trip) which took us through a 45 mile section of the 76 mile trail over the course of three days in the Spring of 2001. The Foothills Trail traverses the the Andrew Pickens Ranger District of … [Read more...]