Episode 91B: Boyz In The Wood

In Episode 91B, Matt from the "Boyz In The Wood" tells us about his 1994 northbound thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail in a limited N2Backpacking bonus edition. This is the fifth release in a special series to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our hike, and it was recorded at Trail Days on May 13, 1995 in Damascus, Virginia. Matt hiked with partner Derek as the "Boyz In Wood" in '94, and in this bonus episode we flashback to the mid-90's to speak with Matt about the trip. The interview was … [Read more...]

BirdShooter’s Takeaways From Trail Days 2019

BirdShooter’s takeaways from Trail Days 20191. Trail Days is 10X the size it was when I last went in 1999 (our 5th year reunion)2. Separating the town from Tent City was a good idea3. Any registered police officer within a 6 county area works Trail Days4. Hiking 40 miles in to Damascus is easier than finding parking at Trail Days5. Trail Days is a business, there were ~60 vendors this year6. Trail Days is a party, somethings never change7. Tent City is a visual, cultural, and culinary … [Read more...]