BirdShooter’s Takeaways From Trail Days 2019

BirdShooter’s takeaways from Trail Days 2019
1. Trail Days is 10X the size it was when I last went in 1999 (our 5th year reunion)
2. Separating the town from Tent City was a good idea
3. Any registered police officer within a 6 county area works Trail Days
4. Hiking 40 miles in to Damascus is easier than finding parking at Trail Days
5. Trail Days is a business, there were ~60 vendors this year
6. Trail Days is a party, somethings never change
7. Tent City is a visual, cultural, and culinary experience
8. The drum circle is a sporting event
9. Sleep is for the weak, or those that camp outside of Tent City
10. The parade is 50% walking, 50% water fight
11. Being a local in the parade is no longer a thing
12. Males dressing in drag in the parade is a thing
13. TrailDays videos on YouTube are more interesting than cable TV
14. Jester is a legend
15. The Class of 94 has the coolest banner in the parade and still rules!
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