Episode 85: The Arizona Trail

In Episode 85, “The Man Who Hiked It All” is back on the podcast to tell us about one of his favorite long distance trails – The AZT.  The Arizona Trail is a nearly 800 mile path that runs from Mexico to Utah and Bart Smith thru-hiked it all in 2009 – the year that it was first designated as a National Scenic Trail.  In the show, Bart tells us about his walk through the lowlands of the Sonoran Desert, his climbs to the sky islands of the San Francisco Peaks, and his traverse of the majestic Grand Canyon.   We also discuss some logistics of his thru-hike on the AZT – including getting to the trailheads, resupply, permits, and timing the seasons to get the most out of your hike.

If the winter snows have you dreaming of warmer climates, or if Covid 19 has you feeling cooped up in the house – then the Arizona Trail is waiting for you this Spring.  Check out the podcast and learn more!  Or click to Bart’s website and get inspired by his books and photography.

Subject: The Arizona Trail
Interviewees: Bart Smith (Infinite Dust)
Interview Date: February 4, 2021
Runtime: 1:11:53

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