Episode 74: The Pandemic Podcast

In Episode 74, we record at a historic time.  Coronavirus has caused a worldwide pandemic.  The governor of Georgia just cancelled school for the year and ordered a “shelter in place” mandate across the State.  So tonight we skip the studio interview, record with a combo of Skype, Join Me, and Zoom, and embrace the social distancing guidelines of the CDC.

In the show, we discuss our time on the Trail this month, talk about how hiking has changed over the last two weeks, and what city, state, national forest and national parks are doing in our area.  We also talk briefly with Cardiac and Drone Boy about the impact on the Appalachian Trail community, and on thru-hiking in general.

It’s not all doom and gloom though.  There’s some comedy in the podcast as we discuss our favorite Netflix shows, some worthy hiking/backpacking movies, our emergency preparedness (pre-pandemic), and the hiking plans we have when this is over. 

Subject: The Pandemic Podcast
Interviewees: Gary (Drone Boy), Scott (Cardiac)
Interview Date: April 1, 2020
Runtime: 1:01:16

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