Episode 43: Hammocks

In Episode 43, we talk about the hammock!!!  Marc Bohman joins us live from the Teton Hammock Company in Idaho Falls, ID to provide some tips and tricks for sleeping “between the trees”.  We also discuss some common misconceptions of the hammock and what you can do to be more comfortable in the wilderness.

So ground dwellers (aka tent campers) make the jump, and learn the advantages of taking a hammock in to the backcountry.  And if you have your sites set on a trip to the Northern Rockies, then listen up.  Marc gives us some great weekend and long distance hikes in the Tetons – one of my favorite National Parks in the West.  Or you can follow him on Facebook or Instagram and learn more about his hammocks.

Subject: The Hammock
Interviewee: Marc Bohman
Interview Date: May 3, 2017
Runtime: 1:01:34

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  1. Lone Wolf says:

    I have not listened to this one yet, but the last fire side chat concerning the Outside gear review was the best show ever!…. I too loved the format of the fireside chat that you did in early podcasts and now you have nailed the mood you were looking for. I felt like I was there and part of the group of hikers. Please do more shows like this one. What about talking about hiking shoes and cook pots / stoves around the fire with this group of Hikers?

    Thanks again, Lone Wolf

    • BirdShooter says:

      Lone Wolf, you are in luck. We are already planning a follow-up to EPISODE 42: MOST SIGNIFICANT BACKCOUNTRY GEAR OF ALL TIME. It’s a perfect subject to discuss on a podcast, and frankly we only covered about half of the items in the Outside Magazine article. Plus the topic is ripe with opinions – which makes for good banter around the campfire.

      If you liked the “Rookie Mistakes” series (Episode #24 and #32) we might get to that next. Backpacker Magazine ran their own list of 52 Common Mistakes which merits a debate on our next multi-day backpacking trip – scheduled for South Dakota in June. Stay tuned … and thanks for reaching out.

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