A little hot for swamp hiking in S.C. this weekend but probably gonna happen. https://ift.tt/3wL7FG2

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One more from Panthertown Valley – the place is just that cool. https://ift.tt/3wJ18vS

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A little hot for swamp hiking in S.C. this weekend but probably gonna happen. https://ift.tt/2SCQCYj

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The Weasel is headed to Panthertown over the Memorial Day weekend. Just hooked him up with one of my most favorite campsites. #besthikeswithkids https://ift.tt/3ut516l

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Just in time for your Holiday drive – the 10th anniversary show is here: https://ift.tt/2RRvxcu Glenn and Susan tell us what they’ve been up to since 2011 when they last appeared on the N2Backpacking podcast in Episode #1. https://ift.tt/3furXhr

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10 years ago, I spoke with Glenn and Susan in the first N2Backpacking podcast. They are back this month to mark the 10th anniversary of the show! #besthikeswithkids https://ift.tt/3bYCS0J https://ift.tt/3wBZvjo

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Interesting to see one of my posts show up on the Washington Post website recently… https://ift.tt/3oBPY9h

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I don’t plan to make it to #TrailDays this year, but it was fun looking at video from 2019. Check out the Class of 1994 here … https://ift.tt/3b6pMxO https://ift.tt/33nCbt2

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If you haven’t checked out the Flint River near Thomaston Georgia – you should. The sunset from our island campsite last weekend. https://ift.tt/3tjT4PR

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Our campsite on the Flint River last weekend https://ift.tt/3ulEZmf

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