Episode 54B: Hiking & Backpacking Movies

In Episode 54, we discuss Backpacker Magazine’s list of 35 Awesome (and Awesomely Bad) Outdoor Movies while sitting fireside on the Chattooga River.  In the show, I review the hiking and backpacking movies on Backpacker‘s list with 3Dub, BeerRun, Brownie, The Camel, Napster, The Ox, and Wagonhammer after we sit out a rainstorm on the river.  We discuss the movie, the plot, and the major actors of each film.  Then after a brief debate, the group gives a thumbs-up or down on the movie.  We are sometimes enthusiastic and sometimes not, but frequently have strong opinions on each show – and rarely agree on all the films on the list. 

FOREWARNING, this podcast is more edgy and explicit than our normal (non-campfire) shows and is not recommended for those easily offended or under the age of 13.  So if you don’t have a sense of humor … you might want to avoid these backcountry campfire shows.  But if you do – you are in for an interesting discussion!!!  For the official Backpacker Magazine list and for comments from the public to their published article follow this link.  See you in Hollywood!

Subject: Awesome (Awesomely Bad) Hiking & Backpacking Movies
Interviewees: 3Dub, Beer Run, Brownie, The Camel, Napster, The Ox, Wagonhammer
Interview Date: June 23, 2018
Runtime: 49:11

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