Epiosde 71: It’s Your Camino

In Episode 71, Ken Strange joins the show to discuss his recent book It’s Your Camino which documents his ~500 mile hike with wife Aurora through the countries of France and Spain.  In the podcast, Ken gives us some history of the Camino, talks about working with Martin Sheen (who starred in the movie The Way), gives us some tips on how to publish a book, and tells us about his chance TV interview on the Camino about the disappearance of childhood and family-friend Anne McCarrick.

Ken is a retired FBI agent who met his wife during a six year stint working for a prince in Saudi Arabia.  He and Aurora, both strong in their Catholic faith, eventually made their way back to Spain to hike the Camino and explore the many alburges, churches, and castles on the former Roman footpath.      

So if the Camino is firmly on the your wish list – you are going to enjoy this interview.  And you can check out Episode 56 and 30 for further motivation.  Happy Holidays – and may Santa bring you a long distance Trail for Christmas!

Subject: It’s Your Camino
Interviewees: Ken Strange
Interview Date: December 19, 2019
Runtime: 1:25:44

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  1. Ken Strange says:


    I may seem somewhat prejudiced, but this was one of the best podcasts I’ve been a guest on. You have a wonderful interviewing style which made me feel like I was talking to an old hiking friend. Great questions, great preparation going into this podcast. Makes me want to keep coming back to hear some of your other episodes. Keep up the great work!

    This is a five star episode!!!

    Ken Strange

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