Ghost Stories

Kent Wedding entertains our Cub Scouts with some ghost stories around the campfire at Woodruff Scout Reservation. … [Read more...]

Campsite #18

First look at Campsite #18 at Woodruff Scout Reservation in the fall of 2016 … [Read more...]

Knife Class

Chuck Mong teaches our Cub Scout pack how to handle a knife. … [Read more...]

Cub Scout Outdoor Classroom

Chuck Mong leads a class for our Cub Scout pack at Woodward Scout Ranch. … [Read more...]

Fish Filet

Dr. Robinson shows our Cub Scout pack how to handle a knife and filet a fish. … [Read more...]

Woodruff Campsite #14

[Read more...]

Scout Skits

We did some skits at Woodruff Scout Reservation after dinner … [Read more...]

Episode 80: Hiking With Kids

In Episode 80, Dan Kreesberg joins the show to talk about raising an outdoor kid.  Dan is a naturalist, teacher, and a writer with numerous books, articles, and newspaper columns to his credit - many focused on teaching children how to appreciate the wilderness.  So in the podcast tonight, we discuss camping, hiking, and backpacking with kids - whether they are a toddler, child, or teenager. Dan and I cover topics including taking kids on their first wilderness trip, what … [Read more...]

28 degrees last night at Panther Creek. Even the dog needed a sleeping bag…

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Kiss the fish!!!

Your reward after a hard day hiking & fishing at #WoodruffScoutReservation … [Read more...]