Benton MacKaye Trail – Section Two

Just did a hike on the Benton MacKaye Trail this past weekend between Bryson Gap and the Toccoa River. Granted … it was Thanksgiving Weekend, but I was shocked at the number of day-hikers that were visiting the suspension bridge at the Toccoa River. It was within an hour of sunset, and there were 40+ people on the trail and/or hanging out at the river. Guess the word is out on this place. Here’s a few pics from the trip.


The jam packed trailhead. It was a log jam on the one-lane forest road that leads to this place.


The tents are up, firewood is collected. Time for a brew and some dinner.


Our campsite on the Toccoa River. This is one of four primary sites near the suspension bridge. All were occupied during our visit.


Glenn (aka The Helmet) on the suspension bridge over the Toccoa River.


View from the suspension bridge.


Headed southbound on the Benton MacKaye Trail toward Bryson Gap. There were so many hunters out this morning that it sounded like WW III in the valley below the trail to the right.


End point of the hike at Bryson Gap. There’s a nice campsite down the hill to the right (if you are headed southbound on the trail) or you can camp here in the gap. A spring is nearby – about 200 to 300 feet off the trail.

Follow this link for more information on this and other hikes on the Benton MacKaye Trail.

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