Arriving At Long Branch Shelter In A Driving Snowstorm

The Crew arrives at the newly constructed Long Branch Shelter as a driving snow storm pelts us with what turns out to be 8 1/2 inches of snow.

When we leave Atlanta, the forecast is for temperatures in the 50’s in nearby Franklin, N.C. but as we drive the 2 1/2 hours north to the Appalachian Trail we spot a line of clouds and a cold front pushing in from the Northwest.

Mobile checks at the Weather Channel has the forecast in constant flux – and deteriorating quickly. The light rain projected to hit in the late afternoon arrives as snow and a winter advisory is issued for North Georgia and Western N.C.

Fortunately we have heard rumors of a new shelter near Glassmine Gap and are able to locate it – although the brand new shelter is not yet marked on my A.T. map and in my guidebook. It’s a welcome site – much preferable to tent camping – and thanks to all those hardworking volunteers who built such a great structure. It would have been a long night without it.

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