Top Rucksacks for Backpacking

You may be planning your first backpacking adventure or perhaps you just love travelling and discovering new exotic places but either way you want a rucksack or backpack that is going to last throughout your entire trip and hopefully many more to come, plus one that sits comfortably on your shoulders too as you’ll be wearing it for a long time and no doubt acquire souvenirs along the way making the overall weight much heavier.  One manufacturer that stands above the rest when it comes to outdoor gear like backpacks is undoubtedly The North Face who has helped explorers and mountaineers through the toughest terrain since the 1960’s so it’s no surprise their rucksacks are more than ideal for travelling – here are the top choices:


 The North Face Big Shot II Backpack


All of The North Face Rucksacks have similar durable features with subtle differences depending on individual needs like the North Face Big Shot II Backpack which is primarily a daypack with its 32 litre capacity but is ideal for travelling.  The Big Shot II has injection moulded and shaped FlexVent shoulder straps a padded Airmesh back panel, spine channel and PE sheet so they remain comfortable and help to distribute the weight more evenly whilst giving you support which is essential for prolonged wear.  Besides the spacious main compartment which has room for a laptop and a hydration pack which is handy if you want to carry electronics and keep easily hydrated there are other stash pockets that are easily accessible making them ideal for important documents.   The fabric of the North Face is 420D nylon, 600D polyester print and 1680D nylon so it is quite durable and hard wearing which is available from with free delivery in the UK


The North Face Casimir Backpack

If you’re planning on spending more time traversing through the wilderness on you backpacking trip then the North Face Casimir Backpack is probably more what you need; while being able to hold a decent 32 litres the bag itself unfilled is relatively lightweight so you only have the weight of the items you carry to worry about.  The fabric used is 70D geo ripstop and polyurethane nylon which will stop any tears or cuts developing and has an adjustable hip-belt and harness so you can get as comfortable as you need to be with relative ease.  Access to the main compartment is done by a bucket style opening but there are other pockets as well so store valuables and important items you may be carrying.


The North Face Alteo Backpack

NFCPA35NMDGRThis is a heavy duty rucksack is every aspect so if you’re planning a lengthy trip that could take you into different landscapes and terrains the North Face Alteo 35 Backpack is ideal.  Made from 210 HT ripstop nylon and 410D nylon means it will take a beating and with an integrated rain cover you can greatly reduce the effects of a sudden downpour if you get caught in the rain.  The North Face backpack has the addition of an aluminium frame which gives you greater weight distribution making it much easier to wear without adding much noticeable weight at all and is you do start to perspire after prolonged wear the trampoline mesh back panel will help keep you cooler.  It also features an abundance of interior and exterior pockets too so you can organise your belongings easily as well and for quicker access.

There are many more backpacks made by The North Face suitable for travelling, some less so due to the lower capacities but if you’re planning on travelling for a shorter amount of time they may well be a better choice, but whichever backpack you choose you certainly won’t find much better than these.

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