The Chilkoot Trail – Trip Video (June 2001)

This is a video slideshow of a five day hike we did on the Chilkoot Trail back in June 2001. For an interview with “The Camel” on this trip, check out this podcast link or click here for more photos, maps, and a trip report from the Chilkoot Trail.

The Chilkoot Trail is a walk back in time. It follows the trail that the stampeders used to reach the Yukon River and float their provisions to the gold fields of the Klondike over a hundred years ago. Many artifacts from the 1890’s still litter the trail and there is great diversity along the way: swamps, deserts, snowy mountain passes, lush canyons, and alpine lakes.

The 33+ miles of trail take the backpacker across Alaska and into the Yukon Territory via the Chilkoot Pass. The hiker eventually winds their way down into British Columbia and completes the journey at Lake Bennett via a return trip to Skagway on a historic rail line that is often voted as one of the most scenic in the world. If you are looking for solitude, this trail is not for you since many thru-hikers complete the trek every summer. But if you seek adventure, great scenery, and Klondike history, then you will enjoy the Chilkoot.


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