Hiking is one of the most enjoyable activities that we can ever hope to experience. Every year, millions of enthusiasts find themselves enchanted with the unbridled feel of the open trail, the wind through their hair and the sun on their face. We all have a deep, instinctual connection to the land and the wildlife around. Hiking through the wilderness is an excellent way to remember that we are all part of the same planet. However, let us not forget that many of us enjoy hiking due to the sheer number of thrills and experiences that may present themselves just around the next bend. Due to the fact that our enjoyment of this activity is directly related to where we choose to hike, let us look at some of the best locations in North America.



Theodore Roosevelt was wise to protect this landscape by deeming it a national park. Hiking through this region provides the traveller with unrivaled views of towering waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and some of the most intriguing rock formations in the United States. Nonetheless, you should make sure you have all the necessary tools when you hike, as this course can be quite challenging.


Camping @ Mattie Lake In Yosemite


The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a hiker’s dream, and for good reason. Spanning nearly 227 miles in length, humans have been placed in utter awe of its iridescent magnificence for centuries. The Colorado River cuts deep down into the sedimentary rock and as it does, it exposes layers of geologic history stretching back for millions of years. The Grand Canyon is one of the most interesting places to hike¬†due to the fact that from above, stunningly beautiful panoramic views will leave an indelible impression in both the heart and soul.


The Grand Canyon at Shoshone Point


Yellowstone National Park

The beauty of this region belies its dangerous roots. Yellowstone is actually an area of ancient volcanic activity, and the geysers that you can witness shooting hundreds of feet in the air are audible testaments to the rumblings still occurring deep within the ground. The power of Yellowstone is matched only by its beauty; hundreds of miles of hiking trails follow serpentine streams and thick, multi-colored forests.


Yellowstone Thermal Near Heart Lake


These are but a few of the best hiking destinations that attract countless visitors and intrepid adventurers each year. They will provide an adrenaline-packed adventure as well as some of the most unforgettable experiences in a lifetime.

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