Photos From The Appalachian Trail In Pennsylvania

ATPA 1:  Appalachian Trail Marker At The Church Of The Mountain 
ATPA 2:  At The Mason Dixon Line Just South Of The Pennsylvania Border 
ATPA 3:  Almost Stepped On This One: A Pennsylvania Rattler 
ATPA 4:  The Halfway Point On The Appalachian Trail 
ATPA 5:  The Lake A Pine Grove Furnace State Park 
ATPA 6:  Hiking Through A Farmer’s Field Enroute To Boiling Springs, PA 
ATPA 7:  The View From The AT In Boiling Springs 
ATPA 8:  Laid Back Sue, Squeeze Box, & Mad Markum Take A Break On The PATC’s Porch 
ATPA 9:  The Blue Blaze Hostel 
ATPA 10:  The Blue Mt. Eagle Climbing Club Shelter At PA 501 
ATPA 11:  Evening Relaxation At The Eagles Nest Shelter 
ATPA 12:  The End Of A Wet Hike To The Port Clinton Post Office 
ATPA 13:  Trail Magic! Fresh Pizza Delivered On The AT 
ATPA 14:  The Jailhouse Hostel In Palmerton, PA 
ATPA 15:  The End Of A Brutal Climb From Lehigh Gap 
ATPA 16:  Looking Down At Lehigh Gap And PA 873 From The Ridge 
ATPA 17:  Hiker Feed At The Presbyterian Church Of The Mountain 

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