This is a video slide show of a cross-country road trip that I did with The Ox in 1998. We spent most of the trip in the Rockies, Cascades, and on the coast of the Pacific Northwest doing a lot of backpacking and fishing.  Here’s a link to a map of our journey and another link to a photo gallery from the trip. 

The red lines mark a 1996 trip that I did with Mackie and the green lines mark this 1998 trip with the Ox.  It lasted 38 days and crossed  the U.S. and the western provinces of Canada (through Alberta and British Columbia). 

If you haven’t taken some time off to explore the country, then I highly recommend it. As you will see, you don’t need a lot of money for the trip – especially if you camp frequently.  (The Fairfield Inn was too high rolling for our budget).  You just need the time … or more importantly to make the time.  

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