Canada Slideshow 2010

These are the closing pics from a 2010 trip to the cabin that were tagged on to the end of a 1+ hour video I made for the group. … [Read more...]

Fugarwi Pong

This is what we do on a rainy day at Camp Fugarwi. You just have to put your knees in to it. … [Read more...]

No Signal Rock

Sunset from "No Signal Rock" - and I believe it's our first. We are officially off the grid. … [Read more...]

Keep Calm & Carry Guns

Muscle Jim is calm and would like to show you his guns. … [Read more...]

Kiss the fish!!!

Your reward after a hard day hiking & fishing at #WoodruffScoutReservation … [Read more...]

Fish Dinner

The Cobb's filet Roger's fish in the rain, and here it is sizzling in the pan. And The Britt didn't have to go more than 40 yards to catch it! That's when you know the fishing is good. … [Read more...]

Smoke Signals

Here's what happens when you run out of lighter fluid and substitute some Coleman Fuel. Matt is sending smoke signals to his wife in South Carolina. … [Read more...]

Camp Fugarwi Fridge Repair

The Britt like his beer COLD.  That's motivation to get this damn fridge fixed! … [Read more...]

Muscle Morning

This is why the Weasel and I are fat and why Muscle Jim is not ... or one of many reasons. It's 8:50am, and he's already run six miles. Guess he earned that beer. … [Read more...]

You Gotta Try One…

It's Saturday night at the Sportsman Inn, and Matt claims the bar garnishes taste pretty damn good. Make you hungry? … [Read more...]