This is the John Butler Trio version of a video slideshow that I put together after a recent trip to Maine. It includes both photos and video from the trip. The hike climbs over North & South Crocker Mountain and follows the Appalachian Trail for 8.1 miles near Stratton, Maine. It can be done from either the ME 27 or Caribou Valley Road trailheads but plenty of effort is required to summit regardless of the direction. The Crocker Cirque Campsite is located about a mile from Caribou Valley Road, and is the best campsite in this area. It is situated in a glacial bowl near a small pond with tent platforms, a spring, and a privy. From the pond, there are views toward the Crocker Mountains and the A.T. with peaks that sit over 1300 feet above the site. It’s a very scenic campsite, but don’t underestimate the difficulty of the terrain in this area. For more information on this hike or to see additional photos from this trip visit

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