A Guide to Packing a Bergen for Backpackers

What you pack in your Bergen can make or break your trip. Here is a stress free guide for first time backpackers.

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A Bergen bag is an essential part of any backpacker’s kit and can help you ensure that you are ready for anything. The Bergen is the bag of choice for many backpackers as it has a number of different compartments designed to hold all of your kit. However, having the space to hold all of your travel essentials is one thing but knowing the best way to pack your Bergen is another.

The Main Compartment

The main compartment offers you the largest space but it is the least accessible so it is wise to use this compartment to store all of the things that you won’t need to hand during the day. Sleeping bags, wash bags, waterproof clothing and spare clothes can all fit in the main compartment.

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Left Pouch

The side pouches of your Bergen will be smaller but ideal for storing smaller items such as a waterproof poncho, tent pegs and a water bottle. The side pouches are easy to access on the go and will save you time when travelling from A to B.

Right Pouch

Similarly, the right pouch can be used to store everything from your Bergen cover to bungee cords and food rations that you will need throughout the day.

When packing your Bergen, remember to pack the largest and heaviest items first and then fill up the rest of the room with smaller objects that are more lightweight. You can find a wide range of Bergen bags and waterproof accessories online at www.rvops.co.uk

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