Location: Western North Carolina
Trip Starts: NC 1310 (Wayah Gap)
Trip Ends: NC 1310 (Wayah Gap)
Total Distance: 3.6 miles
Hike Type: Roundtrip, Loop Hike
Hike Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Trails Used: Appalachian Trail/4×4 Road
Trail Traffic: Light
Trip Type: Day or Overnight Hike
More Information:

Nantahala National Forest
Cheoah District, Route 1, Box 16A
Robbinsville, NC 28771


Siler Bald at 5,216 feet was named for William Siler whose great grandson, Reverend A. Rufus Morgan, helped establish the A.T. in North Carolina. The U.S. Forest Service clears and maintains the bald which has a grassy summit with spectacular (and nearly 360 degree) views from Tray Mountain to the Great Smoky Mountains. Wayah Bald, about six trail miles north, can also be seen to the north.

This is a loop hike that starts at Wayah Gap on NC 1013 and follows the Appalachian Trail on a southbound ascent of ~1000 feet to Snowbird Gap 4,998 feet at the base of the mountain. From there, follow the blue blazed Siler Bald Shelter trail to a 4×4 road that returns to Wayah Gap.

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