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I notice some links are password protected. How do I get more information on this hike?

As you click through N2Backpacking, you will come across some links that are password protected. These are generally videos, photos, or trip reports where a member of our hiking group asked for the material to remain private. In the interest of keeping friendships in tact, I have honored their request.

I have also attached maps, magazine articles, and news articles to some hikes to provide more information on a specific destination. Since I do not have the rights to publish this material, these links are also password protected. As I have learned over time, these materials are copyrighted and aggressively protected by their media source. So to avoid any conflicts, I have locked down any content that I did not directly produce for this site. If there is something that specifically interests you about a hike and you are unable to access it here, please try one of the following:

1. Click to and do a search for the hike. This website is designed for hikers and backpackers to trade information so free directions, contact information, maps, photos, and trip reports, are often provided by members of this social network.

2. Check the discussion forum. The answer to your question could be here, or you could post and ask other hikers and backpackers for help. (Note: Registration is not required to browse the forums, but it is required to post in the forums.)

3. Get one of the guidebooks or trail maps recommended for this hike. Direct links are provided at N2Backpacking to where there is a guidebook or map with more trail information for this hike.


Will you link to my website?

Sure, as long as it relates to hiking and backpacking. Create a link to n2backpacking on your website, and send me a link request which includes your link to this website in the email. I have to post the reciprocal links manually so please give me a few weeks to list your site.

Here’s the link information:

If you are in to backpacking you’ll be “n2” this. The website is BirdShooter’s personal collection of hikes with photos, videos, and podcasts from the trail. N2Backpacking documents over thirty-five years of backcountry adventures and details some spectacular wilderness destinations for both hikers and backpackers.


Can I link to your website?

Yes, you can link to n2backpacking and do not need permission. You are welcome to use these logos. Just right click on your mouse and “save picture as”…


How can I advertise on your site?

Click here to Contact Us for more information.


Do you collect information on users when you take an order? Do you sell it?

No. You can read the Privacy Statement for more details.


You have some nice pictures at n2backpacking. Can I use them on my website, or in an article I’m writing, or for a presentation I’m doing, etc.?

Yes, and there is no charge for their use, but they are copyrighted so you need to include this under the photo: “Courtesy of, Copyright 20XX, N2 Ventures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.” You also need to send an email and include the following:

1. Your Name, 2. Address, 3. Phone, 4. Email, 5. Website

Also, please include a brief note on how and where you plan to use the photo.


I would like to use the Appalachian Trail or Continental Divide Trail or Pacific Crest Trail maps on my website, or in an article I’m writing, or for a presentation I’m doing, etc. Do I need permission?

No you do not. They are branded with and free for public use. Here is an example of the Continental Divide Trail map.


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