After 12 ½ great years together, Rebel passed away just before Thanksgiving 2010. For those of you that hiked and backpacked with Rebel (and there were many), we scattered his ashes on the trail where he spent a great deal of his life and where he helped my wife and I author a book on that very subject. Farewell my friend. I miss you dearly and think of you often.


April 26, 1998 to November 23, 2010

Follow these links for a video of Rebel’s life, a photo slide show, and a collection of still photos from on and off the trail. Age and an increasingly acute case of arthritis kept him from the backcountry in his final two years, but Rebel always escorted me to my truck before every trip – and loudly objected when he wasn’t invited along. Here are some memorable moments with him on the trail:

Rebel’s first backpacking trip: Slaughter Gap/Blood Mountain – October 10, 1998

Rebel’s last backpacking trip: Horsepasture River – August 3, 2008

Rebel’s cold night on the trail (from the book cover): Blood Mountain – November 7, 2002


And here are some articles on Rebel:

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