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The Senator

Why The Name?  If you ever hike with him on the trail you’ll swear he’s running for public office.
Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
Best Trip: 
Chilkoot Trail, Alaska – July 2001.  “Two countries, two Canadian provinces, one US state, a simultaneous summit and border crossing, and every landscape possible from swamps, dunes, scree, to high alpine snow – a high groove factor.”
Worst Trip:  Blood Mountain Wilderness, Georgia – July 1998.  “It was really cold, wet, and my pack never felt right.  I had hot spots on my feet and was really out of shape.”
Most Memorable Trail Moment:  “I was crossing Sweatwater Lake on Cumberland Island and was shin deep in pitch black water.  I heard grunts then saw a fourteen foot alligator.  It got the heart rate going.”


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