Friday 11/10/23 (Roswell) Cloudy with light rain in the morning and sporadically during the day. Temps to low 60’s H, 40’s L.

. Will to school before I got up this morning, Maddie had a late start
. Roger left Hays, NC for ATL by mid-morning
. Ashley and I were both working out of the house but she headed out by 11am for a real estate meeting
. I did a call with SimpliSafe then headed for the office by 12:30pm
. Got a drive through lunch at McDonalds on the way
. Worked the afternoon in the office doing a call with Fusion BPO and then a calibration call with Steven that got cut short (fortunately)
. That gave me a chance to skip out and get back to the house by 4pm when Roger arrived
. Had a brief fire drill listening to some Red Ventures calls for Steven and Jack
. Then Roger and I headed to Suburban Tap to meet Pratt for drinks at 5pm
. Tried to get Snyder to join us but his son had a football game tonight
. Should have called Schwartz sooner – because he said he would have come
. But had a good time hanging out with Pratt, had dinner, then came back to the house
. Ashley went to BT for the first game of the playoffs which they won easily tonight
. But it was cold and both she and Maddie were chilly this evening
. Will was also at the game, so Roger and I hung out and had some more beers until they all got home
. Watched a bunch of our camping and Canada videos on YouTube to pass the time
. Roger sacked out early, and I loaded the 4Runner with supplies for tomorrow’s work at the lake
. Good thing we went to bed early because we have a full day at the lake on Saturday

Saturday 11/11/23 (Roswell/Cumming) Cloudy with light rain again today – sporadically during the day and into the evening but never heavy. Temps to low 60’s H, 40’s L.

. Ashley and Will were up early to get to a LAX game in Peachtree City
. This is his last every club/Thrashers game – kind of a bummer I missed it
. Heard Roger talking to Ashley/Will this morning around 8:30am before they left
. Maddie slept in and had plans to do some charity work with friends today
. I got up by 9am and left with Roger for Sandy Springs breakfast where we got breakfast
. Had a hearty meal at Waffle House then drove to the lake house to remove the ski lifts
. They are severely bent from the drop of the lake water which is now at a 5+ year low
. Roger and I worked from 10am to 4pm cutting all the bolts off the lifts and slicing them into pieces
. There was too much tension on the bolts to remove them with a ratchet and the lifts were too heavy to move without cutting them apart
. Fortunately Roger had the tools for the job – I could never have done this otherwise
. The cable to the dock was insanely tight and when I took a hammer to the release lever – it kicked the hammer 6 feet – fortunately no one was nearby
. When Roger cut the last bolt on the south facing ski lift – the dock immediately dropped 2 feet – once again from all the pressure on the dock
. So we were lucky to get through this with no issue
. The Weasel showed up at 3:30pm about the time Roger and I were worn out
. I trimmed the front bushes as he arrived, then we headed to Ingles for subs and Jalapeno dogs
. Ate the subs/egg salad sandwich immediately and saved the dogs for late night
. Watched the end of the Wake Forest/NC State game which they lost 26-6 and was amazed to get such clear reception on the CW channel at the lake
. Winter always has better reception here
. Then we headed outside and stoked up a fire with the Swiss log and firewood that Roger and I bought earlier at Ace Hardware
. We had to go out earlier today to buy a come-along to move the ski lifts
. The Swiss log purchase paid dividends – we had an instant fire and a great one the rest of the night using driftwood that I threw up from the beach
. Kept Roger up until midnight in time to get a midnight dog – actually multiple dogs
. Then the Weasel and I rocked out to 70’s tunes until 1:17pm when we crashed out

Sunday 11/12/23 (Roswell/Cumming) Cloudy again today but no rain. Sun came out at times in the afternoon. Warmer w/ temps to upper 60’s H, 40’s L.

. Roger was up and left the lake house by 8:30am
. The Weasel and I got up ~9am and had breakfast at the nearby Waffle House
. We then spent the next few hours hauling the cut pieces of the ski lifts and floats up to the woods
. Weasel also helped me lift the props on the boats then headed home
. I got a shower, cleaned up the house, then ate at Zaxby’s for a late lunch
. Will had the final day of the Peachtree City LAX tournament today
. They went 3-0 yesterday but after spending the night in Athens with some BT team members and staying up until 2am, they did much worse today dropping two games
. Ashley and Maddie were home when I got to the house ~3pm
. Unloaded the 4Runner, then watched TV and worked on the computer a bit
. Ashley and Maddie went to the 6pm Mass at St. Ann
. Will got home by dark and we had pizza for dinner
. Will studied the rest of the evening while I packed for the Charlotte trip and updated some hikes at N2B
. All sacked out early

Monday 11/13/23 (Roswell/Charlotte) Parlty cloudy in morning, clearing to mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. Temps to upper 60’s H, 40’s L.

. Kids off to school before I got up around 7:40am
. Ash here early then off to a real estate meeting at Keller Williams
. Worked until 11:30am and had to drop from a call with Updater to get to the airport
. Hit the Delta SkyClub for lunch before a 2:21pm flight to Charlotte
. Landed within the hour, got a rental car and headed for Freedom Park
. Did a 45 minute hike on a combination of paved and non-paved trails
. Major improvements to the park since my last visit here
. The park was busy for 4-5pm on a Monday evening in November
. Did a little over 2 miles
. Enjoyed hiking past fields where I played kickball with Sweet Lou and others from WFU in past years
. Left after sunset and stopped at Great Outdoor Provisions to look at a replacement Padegonia vest
. My current one has two large burn holes from this weekend’s campfire, but I didn’t realize they cost $119!
. Enjoyed the visit thought – it brought back many good memories from 90’s trips here when I lived in CLT
. Then drove to nearby Great Clips for a haircut
. Back to the Hampton Inn area in Ballentyne by 5:30pm
. Dinner at Hickory Tavern where I ate with Barry/Garrison during a Thunder LAX tournament a few summers ago
. Then back to work on the laptop until the battery died (since I forgot the charger)
. Added this hike and trip report late night after talking with Ashely about the Caribbean cruise this coming weekend