Blessed Trinity Trip Report – March 17, 2023

Sunday 3/17/24 (Roswell) Sunshine clear skies and temps to the mid 60’s H, 40’s L.

. Slept in after taking an Uber home from the Keogh’s St. Patricks Day party last night
. They had their basement tricked out for the event and lots of LAX parents were there
. Made it home ~1am this morning
. It was a nice day so I decided to hike the Blessed Trinity trail today
. Didn’t realize that Will’s team had their senior posters mounted on the fence
. And got a photo of them while I was at the field
. Hiked 1.8 miles in 38 minutes this after noon and only ran into one other guy on the trail
. St. Peter Chanel was finishing up Sunday Mass as I was doing the trail
. And I circled the building losing the trail after the football fields
. I had heard of but never seen the dam near the LAX fields before
. Apparently the City is trying to strong arm Blessed Trinity into paying for work in the area
. And hasn’t allowed us to build a bathroom at the tennis and LAX fields to apply pressure on the project
. Enjoyed the hike though – and thought of Dad a lot who passed two weeks ago on Sunday
. That sent me to church with the family tonight at St. Ann’s – minus Will who went with KR earlier this evening
. Didn’t realize that our neighbor Alonzo was a Deacon at the church
. Until I saw him participating in the Mass this evening
. Thought about bringing Mom along tonight, but the Historic Roswell Place asked us to give them two weeks to get her situated before we visit and take her out