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Where the Waters Divide: A 3,000-Mile Trek On The CDT

Renown thru-hiker and frequent contributor to Backpacker Magazine Karen Berger writes about her 3,000 mile trek on the Continental Divide Trail

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New Mexico’s Continental Divide Trail

The landscape of New Mexico inspires a sense of peace, awe, and grandeur unlike any other state–and it contains some of the country’s most remote and unexplored natural areas. For day hikers, campers, or backpackers planning a long trek, this guide is absolutely essential for charting your way through this rugged and dramatic landscape. Well-known writer Bob Julyan’s precise and entertaining prose, combined with Tom Till’s extraordinary photographs, lead the reader through hundreds of miles of breathtaking scenery.

Colorado’s Continental Divide Trail

Written by M. John Fayhee and photography by John Fielder, Westcliffe Publishers. 12 x 10 hardcover. Stunning coffee-table book featuring renowned photographer John Fielder photographs of the sublime beauty of the CDT in Colorado with insightful and humorous narratives.

Wyoming’s Continental Divide Trail

The 600 miles of the Wyoming Continental Divide Trail passes through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the state. This guidebook offers comprehensive and essential information for hiking the Wyoming portion of the Continental Divide Trail. Lora Davis’ entertaining and evocative text, along with Scott Smith’s creative and pristine photographs, provide the reader with an account of the adventures awaiting the wilderness explorer. For day hikers, overnight campers, or backpackers, this book is essential for anyone who wishes to experience the vast, complex trail that winds through Wyoming’s remote and stunning landscape.

Montana & Idaho’s Continental Divide Trail

This book picks up the Continental Divide Trail in Idaho at the western border of Yellowstone National Park and takes the reader some 900 miles all the way to the Canadian border. From the Beaverhead Mountains in the Bitterroot Range to the Scapegoat and Bob Marshall Wilderness, Idaho and Montana’s most spectacular and remote wild lands fill page after page in a book that fits into your backpack or makes for great reading anytime. You’ll have no better companion than the lively and humorous voice of Lynna Howard and the dramatic, breathtaking photography of Leland Howard. Aspects of history, wildlife, geology, and biology are explained along the way. For day hikes, destination hikes, or longer treks for the avid backpacker, this book is a must. “This trail is rougher and more challenging than the Pacific Crest Trail or the Appalachian Trail,” Lynna writes. “A spirit of adventure is the best thing you can pack!”

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