Location: West Central Georgia
Trip Starts: Rocky Point Trailhead
Trip Ends: Rocky Point Trailhead
Total Distance: 6.7 miles
Hike Type: Roundtrip, Loop Hike
Hike Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Trails Used: Pine Mountain, Beaver Pond
Trail Traffic: Moderate to Heavy
Trip Type: Day or Overnight Hike
More Information:

F.D. Roosevelt State Park
2970 Ga. Highway 190
Pine Mountain, GA 31822
(706) 663-4858


The Pine Mountain Trail is a 23-mile footpath, which crosses and follows the Pine Mountain Ridge in west central Georgia. The trail is inside Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park, close to Calloway Gardens, and popular with people from all over the State. Much of the land once belonged to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose farm was located near the present site of WJSP-TV. Today, volunteers from the Pine Mountain Trail Association maintain the path which includes many points of interest and very few steep inclines. The trail was first developed in 1975 and now is used by over 50,000 hikers and backpackers each year.

This 6.7 mile loop hike passes numerous waterfalls (although only Cascade Falls is significant enough to deserve the title), and follows both Wolfden and Cascade Creeks along a wooded hollow that includes a look at Wolfden, a cave structure located right along the trail.

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