Location: Georgia
Trip Starts: Amadahy Trailhead
Trip Ends: Amadahy Trailhead
Total Distance: 4.3 miles
Hike Type: Roundtrip, Loop Hike
Hike Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Trails Used: Amadahy Trail
Trail Traffic: Moderate
More Information:

US Army Corps of Engineers
Carters Lake
P.O. Box 96
Oakman, GA 30732-0096
Phone: (706) 334-2248


This is a loop hike near Ellijay, GA that mostly follows the shoreline of Carter’s Lake. There isn’t a lot of elevation change on the trail, so it is a great hike if you are looking for a leisure walk with occasional views from the shoreline and across the water. Mountain bikers are also permitted to use this trail – so don’t be surprised to see them while you are hiking.

Amadahy is a Cherokee word meaning “forest water”, and the lake is named after Farrish Carter who owned property in this area in the 1800’s,. The US Army Corps of Engineers now manages the area, however, and the dam that creates Carter Lake is the tallest earthen dam east of Mississippi River.

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