Allie’s Way

Location: Colorado
Trip Starts: Beaver Creek Village
Trip Ends: Beaver Creek Village
Total Distance: 1 mile
Hike Type: In & Out, Backtrack Hike
Hike Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Trails Used: Allie’s Way Trail
Trail Traffic: Moderate
More Information:

White River National Forest
Holy Cross Wilderness
900 Grand Ave. (CLOSED)
Glenwood Springs CO 81601


This hike starts at the Beaver Creek Village ski area where you can go to the hiking center and get a Trail map. It follows the Five Senses Trail from the village southbound for a mile along Beaver Creek and is initially in sight of many Beaver Creek buildings and homes.

Once you arrive at a trail junction for Allie’s Way to the left and another in the same area that loops back to the Village to the right – the scenery looks much more like true backcountry wilderness and you have merged on to the Beaver Lake Trail.

But at the trail junction, you descend to the left on Allie’s Way and begin a eastern traverse of the Beaver Creek Ski area. The main village is occasionally in sight during this traverse which is mixed with open views to the North and obstructed (but scenic) views of Aspen forests on the mountain.

The trail ends on the eastern side of the Centennial chairlift and near the Beaver Creek horse stables. From here you can follow a service road back to the base of the mountain. So the hike is close to three miles in total length, but the Allie’s Way traverse is about a mile in distance.

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