Three Sisters

Location: Colorado
Trip Starts: Alderfer/Three Sisters West Trailhead
Total Distance: 2.7 miles
Hike Type: Roundtrip, Loop Hike
Hike Difficulty: Moderate
Trails Used: Silver Fox, Ponderosa, Sisters, Bearberry, Mountain Muhly Trails
Trail Traffic: Moderate
More Information:

Jefferson County Open Space
700 Jefferson County Parkway
Ste. 100, Open Space Building
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303-271-5925


This loop hike in the Alderfer/Three Sisters park uses a combination of the Silver Fox, Ponderosa, Sisters, Bearberry, Mountain Muhly Trails to explore the open meadows, historical sites, and views from the Three Sisters peaks. The elevation in this area is around ~7500 feet and there isn’t much elevation change on the route – so it makes for a pleasant day hike that is suitable for all ages.

I hiked and climbed to the middle peak of the Three Sisters and there are outstanding views in all directions from here – especially to the larger mountains to the west. There is also an eastern trailhead that provides access which you may need since both parking areas can fill up quickly on summer evenings and on weekends.

Mountain bikers are permitted to use these trails, so don’t be suprised to see them pass you in the park. However, there are plenty of routes to the Three Sisters, and there are many trails that can be combined to get you there. So you have a lot of options for exploring Alderfer/Three Sisters park.

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