Location: South Carolina
Trip Starts: Burrell’s Ford
Trip Ends: Burrell’s Ford
Total Distance: 1 mile
Hike Type: In & Out, Backtrack Hike
Hike Difficulty: Easy
Trails Used: Chattooga River Trail
Trail Traffic: Moderate
More Information:

Chattahooche National Forest
Tallulah Ranger District


Andrew Ellicott, a noted surveyor, was commissioned by North Carolina and Georgia to determine the boundary between the states. He completed his survey in 1811 by chiseling an inconspicuous mark on a rock on the east bank of the Chattooga River. This rock is found inside the Ellicott Rock Wilderness, and it is named Ellicott Rock after its founder. It is located along the Chattooga River Trail, a forty mile route that borders the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia and follows the banks of the Chattooga National Wild And Scenic River from Burrell’s Ford to US 76.

This is a short hike that starts at Burrell’s Ford and follows the Chattooga River for ~1 mile to a campsite on the South Carolina side of the River. The trail is fairly flat along this section and the hike is relatively easy. Spoonauger Falls is located nearby and is a worthy side hike while you are in the area.

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